Friday, July 25, 2014

Brand new day...

I have struggled over the last month to put together a new blog post. I mean I have written at least 5 and not posted a single one. There's been something that I've needed to get off of my chest for weeks but haven't had the courage to write it or speak it. And if any of you really know me you know I don't have a problem telling anything ;) My husband has been after me to tell people about the miracle that has happened in our life and for some reason I've been holding back. I know I've received a miracle but I think I needed to get to the place where I felt comfortable telling it. Well Hun, today must be the day. I know this isn't exactly how you thought I would be telling people but this is kinda my thing so...

First things first - God is the center of our home. If that offends you, well I'm a good southern girl so all I'll say is bless your heart.

A good friend of mine recently told me if someone in your life is causing you stress or unhappiness cut them out. It's simple life is too short to be around negative people. Not very profound but when you are faced with a life that has months left and not years it seems like the mystery of life has been explained to you in sesame street terms. After the last six months of my life I think I am finally in a place where I believe I deserve to have people and friends that are true and will be there for me no matter what. Now...I could really start a tangent right here but that's not what this post is about. Ahh heck I can't help it.

{yep nuff said}

So I need to start this by saying thank you to God for my healing. I believe wholeheartedly that I have been healed - not misdiagnosed but completely healed. 

Next my own sister doesn't even know what was going on so sis - here is your public apology. Please still name your first born after me. I love you to bits! Little bro we both know you would have sent me spider pics daily to try to scare me to death sooner than have a long drawn out process so I saved our relationship by not telling you. :)

To my dad, aunt and inlaws thank you for praying for and with us. Not only that thank you for letting us cry it out on your shoulders. You gave us a way to be strong for our children during the darkest days.

Our family is so blessed to have a Pastor and his wife who believe in God's healing. Thank you. It doesn't seem like enough but we are so very thankful for your prayers and your love. 

I found out on a Tuesday that I had a rare form of cancer that has an expected survival rate of 19 months. That was if it was caught early. I'm not exactly sure how I walked to my car but I remember sitting in that parking lot and crying to my husband that I had cancer. Now my life did not flash before my childrens lives did. Wow I'm going to short circuit my laptop with this post. You'd think I'd have lost my 50 pounds by now from all the tears I've cried! Hearing the C word changed our world. But hearing the all clear gave us a new start. I mean really - there's no way I could have taught my hubby how to fix the girls hair in less than two years time! 

This year has taught me so much. I now know there are people who will say they are your friends as long as it suits them, there are caring compassionate people who will pray for a need and not know who they are praying for, drama is not allowed in our house anymore (neither are cheetos and soda...just sayin), and God's power is real, present and personal. 

Thank you to my dear friends who have helped me through all of this. I can say without a doubt you know who you are without me saying your name.

And finally thank you to my customers who have kept my fingers and my mind busy over the last few months and gave me a reason to act like business as usual. 

So hug your loves today and cut out the negativity in your life. You don't need a cancer scare to re-order your life. Only the hard headed ones need that I guess.

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