Friday, July 25, 2014

Brand new day...

I have struggled over the last month to put together a new blog post. I mean I have written at least 5 and not posted a single one. There's been something that I've needed to get off of my chest for weeks but haven't had the courage to write it or speak it. And if any of you really know me you know I don't have a problem telling anything ;) My husband has been after me to tell people about the miracle that has happened in our life and for some reason I've been holding back. I know I've received a miracle but I think I needed to get to the place where I felt comfortable telling it. Well Hun, today must be the day. I know this isn't exactly how you thought I would be telling people but this is kinda my thing so...

First things first - God is the center of our home. If that offends you, well I'm a good southern girl so all I'll say is bless your heart.

A good friend of mine recently told me if someone in your life is causing you stress or unhappiness cut them out. It's simple life is too short to be around negative people. Not very profound but when you are faced with a life that has months left and not years it seems like the mystery of life has been explained to you in sesame street terms. After the last six months of my life I think I am finally in a place where I believe I deserve to have people and friends that are true and will be there for me no matter what. Now...I could really start a tangent right here but that's not what this post is about. Ahh heck I can't help it.

{yep nuff said}

So I need to start this by saying thank you to God for my healing. I believe wholeheartedly that I have been healed - not misdiagnosed but completely healed. 

Next my own sister doesn't even know what was going on so sis - here is your public apology. Please still name your first born after me. I love you to bits! Little bro we both know you would have sent me spider pics daily to try to scare me to death sooner than have a long drawn out process so I saved our relationship by not telling you. :)

To my dad, aunt and inlaws thank you for praying for and with us. Not only that thank you for letting us cry it out on your shoulders. You gave us a way to be strong for our children during the darkest days.

Our family is so blessed to have a Pastor and his wife who believe in God's healing. Thank you. It doesn't seem like enough but we are so very thankful for your prayers and your love. 

I found out on a Tuesday that I had a rare form of cancer that has an expected survival rate of 19 months. That was if it was caught early. I'm not exactly sure how I walked to my car but I remember sitting in that parking lot and crying to my husband that I had cancer. Now my life did not flash before my childrens lives did. Wow I'm going to short circuit my laptop with this post. You'd think I'd have lost my 50 pounds by now from all the tears I've cried! Hearing the C word changed our world. But hearing the all clear gave us a new start. I mean really - there's no way I could have taught my hubby how to fix the girls hair in less than two years time! 

This year has taught me so much. I now know there are people who will say they are your friends as long as it suits them, there are caring compassionate people who will pray for a need and not know who they are praying for, drama is not allowed in our house anymore (neither are cheetos and soda...just sayin), and God's power is real, present and personal. 

Thank you to my dear friends who have helped me through all of this. I can say without a doubt you know who you are without me saying your name.

And finally thank you to my customers who have kept my fingers and my mind busy over the last few months and gave me a reason to act like business as usual. 

So hug your loves today and cut out the negativity in your life. You don't need a cancer scare to re-order your life. Only the hard headed ones need that I guess.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cry a latte....

You know how when you are in those last few weeks of pregnancy your body starts waking you up every two hours to go pee? Or how you can only sleep upright in a chair because laying down is impossible or you feel like you are going to die. I have this theory that it's your body's way of gearing you up for those every two hour feedings and the nights where you are too tired to crawl back to bed so you sleep in the chair. Because honestly you got used to it while pregnant.

Well school getting out for summer is the same way.

We are about three weeks away from d-day and the fun is already starting. Today someone had the bright idea of having a half day. Now I know it's the schools way of preparing you for - these belong to you, take them back now. For the record that's just cruel! Quit taking away our free time and keep them with you till the very end! So not only do we have half days but then your own children do goofy things like forget where they left their shoes. So you guessed it - they miss the bus! Now you have to take them to school.

I'm not looking forward to the summer. It's full of I'm bored and why do you still have to work when it's sunny. Because mommas business is built around vacation season. You like nice things like food and clothing so go cut those strings and make me another coffee. Please. :) it's also full of eating out because I've forgotten how difficult it is to buy groceries with three kids! 

So I am off to drop shoeless joe off at school. I'm going to go to Starbucks and get my burnt chalk diet coffee and sit in my car and cry that school is almost out. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

The older my kids get the better Mother's Day becomes. As I'm typing this I'm sitting on my patio watching my three littles clean out my car while I drink my Starbucks that they got for me. In just a little bit I'll be eating lunch that they helped prepare. And they are going to plant the flowers I haven't gotten around to putting In pots. A few years ago this would not be my Mother's Day!

So for all those new moms out gets so much better. You may be covered in food, puke and poop right now but in a few years those same kids will be giving you a massage. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today is a very special day for me! Five years ago I decided to take a journey into running my own business. Now there are days that I don't want to be legit and file my taxes and keep up with receipts. (I should show you my filing system - so shameful!) But I wouldn't trade the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping to provide for my family and raise some pretty awesome little humans at the same time. Best of both worlds!


My 1K Giveaway starts TODAY!! It will run for a week and I am celebrating some pretty big milestones. I've just gotten 1000 facebook followers. My shop turns 5 today! AND yesterday my shop made it's 1000th sale! Talk about perfect timing.

Onto the guts of the giveaway. You can check out the amazing raffle prizes here..

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To enter you have a ton of options that you can do every day until the end of the giveaway. You can tweet, like on facebook, pin a picture, follow a pin board, comment on this blog!

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After the giveaway the winners will be drawn at random and contacted. Have fun and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing support.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When the cats away...

Generally when someone uses that analogy they are speaking about when the adult is away. I wonder if this eludes to my maturity level that I am saying my kids are the cat and I am the mouse...

At this moment my children are eating their hormone free turkey sandwiches on whole grain bread. The sandwich is accompanied with cucumbers, strawberries and carrots (all organic of course). They are washing down their little lunches with a bottle of water.

Meanwhile I sit here with my ramen noodles, venti Starbucks and a handful of oatmeal raisin cookies while I email back customers.

Hmmm I'm such a hypocrite.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LPD version 5.0

Well we've been here before...

Once again I sit in front of a blank screen with my head held in shame that I've neglected my blog...AGAIN.

Ehh you guys don't really hold it against me though, right?

It always amazes me that I let the fun stuff go once I get really busy. I'm going to try my hardest to be better. In the interim though I'll catch you up on what's been going on with me since May.

I took my family to Disney - shocker right! Now it's no surprise that we visited that Magical Place but what is the surprise is that little ole me bank rolled that puppy. I am completely humbled that people trust my abilities enough to order from me. I can't thank you enough. And the ones that keep coming back for more - yeah you are my Venti Raspberry White Mocha. {yes I relate happiness to full fat Starbucks - I'm on a diet - cut me some slack}

I was going to insert a really cute photo of my family from said trip but my little gremlin has the strangest face in the photo - so I will refrain.

Speaking of little ole me...I've gone on a diet. My profile pic on etsy was really, really starting to make me want to puke. You know how some people say they always see themselves as overweight even after they lose a lot. Yeah not so much for me. I have always seen myself as the size 0 that my high school sweetheart met me as. Now I'm guessing that on some level that is probably a great thing for me in some self image sort of way but yeah I haven't been a 0 in a loooong time. So this past May I decided to eat less and move more. As of today I have lost 45 pounds and gained a terrible shopping habit ;) I still have a lot more left to go but I feel amazing and I'm insanely proud of myself. 

Now for the love of all things holy I can't believe I'm doing this is my most recent B/A.

If you can't tell a difference - keep it to yourself ;)

I've rekindled my love of reading. Wow I can't believe I went 10 years without reading a book on a regular basis. Now I'm reading every day. Seriously mothers out there - take time for yourself. It makes you a better you when you take time for yourself. Hmm I used you 4 times there. I'm sure I'm breaking some poor writers heart with my terrible grammar and sentence structure...I'm sorry.

Now in the next weeks I'll be doing my gigantic giveaway. More on that later.