Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LPD version 5.0

Well we've been here before...

Once again I sit in front of a blank screen with my head held in shame that I've neglected my blog...AGAIN.

Ehh you guys don't really hold it against me though, right?

It always amazes me that I let the fun stuff go once I get really busy. I'm going to try my hardest to be better. In the interim though I'll catch you up on what's been going on with me since May.

I took my family to Disney - shocker right! Now it's no surprise that we visited that Magical Place but what is the surprise is that little ole me bank rolled that puppy. I am completely humbled that people trust my abilities enough to order from me. I can't thank you enough. And the ones that keep coming back for more - yeah you are my Venti Raspberry White Mocha. {yes I relate happiness to full fat Starbucks - I'm on a diet - cut me some slack}

I was going to insert a really cute photo of my family from said trip but my little gremlin has the strangest face in the photo - so I will refrain.

Speaking of little ole me...I've gone on a diet. My profile pic on etsy was really, really starting to make me want to puke. You know how some people say they always see themselves as overweight even after they lose a lot. Yeah not so much for me. I have always seen myself as the size 0 that my high school sweetheart met me as. Now I'm guessing that on some level that is probably a great thing for me in some self image sort of way but yeah I haven't been a 0 in a loooong time. So this past May I decided to eat less and move more. As of today I have lost 45 pounds and gained a terrible shopping habit ;) I still have a lot more left to go but I feel amazing and I'm insanely proud of myself. 

Now for the love of all things holy I can't believe I'm doing this is my most recent B/A.

If you can't tell a difference - keep it to yourself ;)

I've rekindled my love of reading. Wow I can't believe I went 10 years without reading a book on a regular basis. Now I'm reading every day. Seriously mothers out there - take time for yourself. It makes you a better you when you take time for yourself. Hmm I used you 4 times there. I'm sure I'm breaking some poor writers heart with my terrible grammar and sentence structure...I'm sorry.

Now in the next weeks I'll be doing my gigantic giveaway. More on that later. 

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