Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why didn't I think of that?

When you lose your cell phone where is the first place you should look? Is it the kitchen desk because that is where you usually put your keys, phone and mail? Maybe it's your purse because you put your phone in there when you are out and about? Or sometimes you might drop it right inside the door of the house because you have so many things that you are carrying you just need to put them down? No, nope, not a chance. You must first look in your daughters tinkerbell jewelry box because your 2 year old has an obsession with pretending to call Grandma! Now if you are reading this and you know me even just a little bit you can guess that I was probably running late to get somewhere. Of course you would be right. I try to squeeze so much into such a short amount of time that it always backfires on me. Anyway we were trying to leave today and I have to spend an hour searching for my phone. Thank the Lord for facebook! I was able to post and ask someone to call it so that I could find it. These crazy kids are trying to over throw the dictatorship that we have here. I'm not going down without a fight! But then again I wouldn't have much to talk about without them.

As far as Little Petunia news I am working on a new design for a tunic shirt/dress. I also have some toddler boy designs coming out. If there's anything you would like for a boy please drop me a note. I'm always looking for inspiration.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Hubby's description of our children..

I thought this was hilarious. My husband sent an email to an old friend of his today and in the email he wrote a little description of our children.

Our son just turned 6 and he's now in Kindergarten. He loves playing sports, right now he's in soccer and he's getting ready to start peewee hockey. Our oldest daughter was 4 in July and she is all about preschool right now. That's the first thing she asks each morning and it's all she talks about. Our baby who is two already is a master of destruction.

I love that each child got a little glimpse of their personality. I just think it's hilarious that the baby is only credited with her gremlin side. LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big step for Little Petunia

As of today Little Petunia Designs is in an actual brick and mortar store! A little gift store not far from me has bought some of my designs and they are going to try them out in their store and see if they sell. I'm so excited!

A week of firsts in our house

Some of you know that I have 3 children. The oldest will be six in 13 days and the youngest is two with a four year old in the middle. So I've been a mommy for a little while now. In all those nights of bathing my children I have never had a certain incident happen - pooping in the tub! My precious little baby decided it was high time I was christened into that event. The funnies part was that she grabbed her potty seat off the ledge and sat on it in the tub and proceeded to poop. That's how I found her. LOL See I can laugh about it now. But if any of you know me I'm sure you can imagine my reaction. I will admit I may have over reacted but dear Lord there was POOP in my tub - my tub not even their's upstairs - mine! And what does my wonderful husband do while I'm upstairs scrubbing our littlest petunia. I'm not excatly sure but I can tell you what he didn't do....clean the tub while I was cleaning the baby! He has been unusally helpful though the last few days. He actually loaded the dish washer for me. I didn't know he knew we even had one.

Another first also involves our youngest child. She shoved a clover flower up her nose last night at soccer practice. I was wondering why my sweet little petunia was walking around doing the farmer blow in front of some good friends of ours. It's really a prideful moment when you see your daughter blow a flower out of her nose.

The other first was my son's first organized sport. He is playing peewee soccer with his school this year - another first by the way. One I don't want to talk about, I'm taking the Scarlett O'Hara approach to that one. He was amazing. I know he's my firstborn (promise I'm not trying to see how many times I can say first in this post!) but he was really good. I was afraid he wouldn't know what to do or that he'd be the kid goofing off in the back of the line but he wasn't!

Thanks for reading. I have some LPD news but I'll make a seperate post for that.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bad mommy moment

Well yesterday I was reminded how awful of a mother I am. I can see it now. One day my sweet little petunia will come to me and ask me for her baby book so that she can see what she was like as a baby. The best that I will be able to come up with is a shoebox stuffed with her hospital bracelet and an occasional doctor visit record. It seems like everyday I wake up thinking I really need to put down some of these funny things the kids say in one of those very expensive books that I bought each time I was pregnant hoping that I would fill it in. My poor son just has his foot prints in his book and that's it! Anyway yesterday I was at my neighborhood playgroup and one of the girls was talking about how her mother never wrote in her baby book and how upset she was. She said that it took her a long time to get over it! So that brought on the mommy guilt that made me write this post. At least one day maybe my kids will read this and know that yes I did want to document their existence. I love you little monkeys!

As far as Little Petunia Designs goes. Things are going well. Today I was mailing an order and the little shop that I was mailing it in asked if I would be willing to let them sell my creations in their store. I have to chuckle now that they would ask if I would let them. Heck I would beg them to do it. lol I have a ton of new things to get up here for you to see including my new spring line. I just need to download the 283 pictures that are on my camera first. Till next time...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whats in a name?

So some people have been asking me how I came up with Little Petunia Designs. When my neice was born my mother in law started calling her Petunia. A few years later when my daughter was born she came up with Little Petunia for her. I thought it was really cute and it fits her personality. So when I started thinking of a name for my business it was a natural fit. So thanks to my mother in law for picking a perfect name!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A good model is hard to find...

I've heard the stories about models who are demanding, don't show up on time, can only be shot from certain angles and are moody. I thought really? Isn't that just a stereotype? Well I am the type of person who can admit when they are wrong. So I was wrong. I have had such a hard time finding a model who isn't moody, tardy or demands to be paid in bubble gum. That stuff is horrible for your teeth! But that's what I'm stuck with...my little petunia. So if you see a photo on here where she is less than thrilled just remember it took tons of photos to get that one perfect shot where she looks like she's tolerating me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's all or nothing

It's time for me to take my dream of working from home and either run with it or put it away in one of my recently organized cabinets. I'm going with the first option. I may have found that one thing that doesn't feel like work. And it just so happens that I'm not half bad at sewing. So off I go to become a mompreneur.