Friday, March 20, 2015

LPD Headquarters

I've had my new office up and running for almost a year so now is a good time to show you. I must have been making sure it was really functional before I showed it to you....yeah we will go with that.

It's pretty crazy but I'm already thinking of moving my office into a bigger location. I've been expanding and doing so much more lately and it's just getting so cramped. I'd like a dedicated cut room BUT (insert very whiney voice) I'd have to walk all the way down the short hallway and back just to cut something. I know - even I want to slap me right now.

My previous set up was shame full. Down right embarrassing. In fact I can't believe I'm going to show you befores. It was the guest bedroom in my home and it started with a desk and an ironing the room with the bed. So I had approximately 4 feet of work space. One day I just realized the bed was only used a handful of times a year and needed to go. If need be I can sleep in the chair in my office when I have company!

{Go Vols}
Can't help it I saw the cup and it just came out

I have a pretty good set up now. I use an embroidery machine, sewing machine and a serger. I also could not live without my laptop and cutting machine. So I kept all the things that I can't live without on my big L shaped desk. It's really nice to roll back and forth from machine to machine. All of the furniture was purchased from OfficeMax and I love my white leather chair. (My children are banned from touching them though)

I'd show you a current but it's very very messy. So next weeks blog will be how to get organized. I'm going to spill the beans a little here but the amazing Lisa Kay Designs is designing a To Do printable that she is going to allow me to share to yall as a free download! :)

{No clue why those sandals are there and I forgot I even had those!}

The second desk is technically for the little petunia. It has her sewing machine on it. But my assistant uses this desk to package and work on social media "stuff". But we make sure we call it little petunias desk because she gets jealous.

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