Friday, May 16, 2014

Cry a latte....

You know how when you are in those last few weeks of pregnancy your body starts waking you up every two hours to go pee? Or how you can only sleep upright in a chair because laying down is impossible or you feel like you are going to die. I have this theory that it's your body's way of gearing you up for those every two hour feedings and the nights where you are too tired to crawl back to bed so you sleep in the chair. Because honestly you got used to it while pregnant.

Well school getting out for summer is the same way.

We are about three weeks away from d-day and the fun is already starting. Today someone had the bright idea of having a half day. Now I know it's the schools way of preparing you for - these belong to you, take them back now. For the record that's just cruel! Quit taking away our free time and keep them with you till the very end! So not only do we have half days but then your own children do goofy things like forget where they left their shoes. So you guessed it - they miss the bus! Now you have to take them to school.

I'm not looking forward to the summer. It's full of I'm bored and why do you still have to work when it's sunny. Because mommas business is built around vacation season. You like nice things like food and clothing so go cut those strings and make me another coffee. Please. :) it's also full of eating out because I've forgotten how difficult it is to buy groceries with three kids! 

So I am off to drop shoeless joe off at school. I'm going to go to Starbucks and get my burnt chalk diet coffee and sit in my car and cry that school is almost out. 

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  1. Teachers dread it JUST as much as the mommas! ;) hope all is well in GHills!!!!!