Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A week of firsts in our house

Some of you know that I have 3 children. The oldest will be six in 13 days and the youngest is two with a four year old in the middle. So I've been a mommy for a little while now. In all those nights of bathing my children I have never had a certain incident happen - pooping in the tub! My precious little baby decided it was high time I was christened into that event. The funnies part was that she grabbed her potty seat off the ledge and sat on it in the tub and proceeded to poop. That's how I found her. LOL See I can laugh about it now. But if any of you know me I'm sure you can imagine my reaction. I will admit I may have over reacted but dear Lord there was POOP in my tub - my tub not even their's upstairs - mine! And what does my wonderful husband do while I'm upstairs scrubbing our littlest petunia. I'm not excatly sure but I can tell you what he didn't do....clean the tub while I was cleaning the baby! He has been unusally helpful though the last few days. He actually loaded the dish washer for me. I didn't know he knew we even had one.

Another first also involves our youngest child. She shoved a clover flower up her nose last night at soccer practice. I was wondering why my sweet little petunia was walking around doing the farmer blow in front of some good friends of ours. It's really a prideful moment when you see your daughter blow a flower out of her nose.

The other first was my son's first organized sport. He is playing peewee soccer with his school this year - another first by the way. One I don't want to talk about, I'm taking the Scarlett O'Hara approach to that one. He was amazing. I know he's my firstborn (promise I'm not trying to see how many times I can say first in this post!) but he was really good. I was afraid he wouldn't know what to do or that he'd be the kid goofing off in the back of the line but he wasn't!

Thanks for reading. I have some LPD news but I'll make a seperate post for that.

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