Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why didn't I think of that?

When you lose your cell phone where is the first place you should look? Is it the kitchen desk because that is where you usually put your keys, phone and mail? Maybe it's your purse because you put your phone in there when you are out and about? Or sometimes you might drop it right inside the door of the house because you have so many things that you are carrying you just need to put them down? No, nope, not a chance. You must first look in your daughters tinkerbell jewelry box because your 2 year old has an obsession with pretending to call Grandma! Now if you are reading this and you know me even just a little bit you can guess that I was probably running late to get somewhere. Of course you would be right. I try to squeeze so much into such a short amount of time that it always backfires on me. Anyway we were trying to leave today and I have to spend an hour searching for my phone. Thank the Lord for facebook! I was able to post and ask someone to call it so that I could find it. These crazy kids are trying to over throw the dictatorship that we have here. I'm not going down without a fight! But then again I wouldn't have much to talk about without them.

As far as Little Petunia news I am working on a new design for a tunic shirt/dress. I also have some toddler boy designs coming out. If there's anything you would like for a boy please drop me a note. I'm always looking for inspiration.

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