Thursday, May 16, 2013

A few of my favorite blogs

I love reading blogs. I wish I had more time to read them. I always think when life slows down a little I can find some new ones. Yeah I know who am I kidding! It's never going to slow down!

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones and if you get a chance you can share a few of yours. 

Oldie but Goodie..

Pioneer Woman - I know you love her or hate her but her iced coffee idea of keeping the cold brewed coffee in the refrigerator changed my life! You must try it - and try the sweet cream if you have an extra two hours a day to work out. Otherwise you will gain 5 pounds in a week drinking that stuff! Ask me how I know. ;)

Organizational Wonder...

Happy Money Saver - Karrie is amazing! She is one of those routine ladies that has a schedule and sticks to it all while saving money. Now the whole couponing thing is above my skill level but just reading her blog makes me inspired to organize my life. 

Do it yourselfer....

Blissfully Ever After -  Jennifer is one of those gals that just does stuff. She wants a new wall collage and she just makes it happen. She has some great ideas and I love her detailed photos. 

On to Little Petunia news

LPD facebook page is 86 likes away from my gigantic giveaway. I know you are getting sick of hearing about it but it is so close I can't believe it. Woohoo!!

I'm busy sewing like crazy to get caught up on orders after a whirlwind month of Teacher Appreciation Week, Baseball and Field Trips. Before anything else - my kids come first - even before Little Petunia Designs. I don't ever want my kids to be resentful of my business because I missed something important to them to sew. That's what coffee is keep me awake while they sleep to finish up orders. :)

Check out my new blog signature - If you haven't started ordering yet from Lisa Kay Designs - what are you waiting for!!! She is fantastic to work with and is so creative. I love just being able to say I want a "blah blah blah" and she gives me a proof like she was in my head!

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