Friday, March 27, 2015

Instagram giveaway

Ok picture it, Illinois, 2015....

The kids have just gotten out of school for spring break and their mom has finally realized they are home for the next 10 days. I'm now realizing I don't have enough chocolate, bubble bath or coffee to get me through the days ahead. Speaking of coffee I feel like doing a giveaway and my bestie said I should ask y'all's opinion on some new items and giveaway my precious to you. 

And if anyone got my Golden Girls reference - message me - we could be great friends. 

Up first,

Baby Items
I haven't done any baby items in a very long time. My supplier has the cutest gowns and burp cloths available. Since I haven't made any of these up myself I am going to try to explain what I'm thinking. I don't want to step on any shop owners toes by borrowing photos! Just think monogrammed gowns, hats, burp cloths and more. 

Heres a couple that I've whipped up. They are available as pillow covers. Extremely easy to slip over existing pillows!

Ladies Pillowcase Tops
These would be made to match any of the pillowcase dresses in my shop. 

Hair Accessories
Notice I said accessories ;). I'm not making bows and they will only be the ones to match my clothing. Here's a recent one.

So I know you are wondering where the giveaway portion is. This giveaway is on my instagram page. Is everyone else as obsessed about Instagram as I am? Oh wow I just thought of a new blog post. I follow some really cool people. I'll tell y'all about them next week! Anyway pardon my squirrel moment. Here's what you have to do. Just go to my page and find the collage photo below in my account or search #lpdgiveaway and leave me a comment on which of those four items you would like to see next in my shop. Now a winner will be randomly random I mean I will close my eyes, scroll and point. The winner will receive....a 5.00 Starbucks e-certificate! And if you tag a friend they will win one too. So comment for the next 24 hours :) this time tomorrow you could be enjoying a mocha on me! 

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