Friday, May 15, 2015

Love is a beautiful thing....

Ok see that dress right there? I already had plans to write about that dress today and then something really cool happened and I just knew it was exactly what I was supposed to write about.

I feel like I should stop right there and tell you something...I do not have a degree in communications, marketing or heck even grammar. But I do have a bestie who does have one of those (not sure which one but for sure the grammar one) and she says that it's all good because I write from my heart. There will be misspelled words, punctuation mistakes and grammar issues but it's all from my heart so please forgive me. Or if someone wants to volunteer to proof these I'd be all over it! LOL

So now back to my original thought. That dress is special. You see I have this sweet customer named Kimberly who purchased this dress a few weeks ago. Kimberly contacted me that she had a 3 year old who was in a 3T/4T but was very thin. She needed the height of the 4T but a smaller width. That right there is why I love my job. I've actually made a skirt before with a 5 year old length but an 18month waist. :) Avery B you are going to be a super model one day! So I was very excited to explain to Kimberly that her issue was not an issue and I could custom size her dress no problem. I was sitting here today writing out the post in my head about how custom sizing is my specialty but right before I went to put words to paper Kimberly contacted me to see if I had a ship date.

Here's where I had confirmation that this dress is what I wanted to talk about. Not just because it was custom made but because she told me her daughter was adopted. If you know me personally you know that I am adopted too. I can not begin to thank my adopted mom for what she has given me. I have a great life because of her. Now I have insane drama that would make your head spin but for the most part I have a great life. I'm a good mom, I have a strong work ethic, I'm stubborn as all get out and I have a relationship with God. All of those things are a direct result of this lady right below these words. Now if my mother were alive today and she knew I had posted this picture for all the world to see, lets just say I would be living on borrowed time. :) But isn't she just the sweetest looking woman. Oh I miss her!

Adoption is is a beautiful thing. It doesn't matter if you are born into a family or if you have a blended family. If you truly can show unconditional love it doesn't matter that you aren't connected by blood. Honestly I'm glad I wasn't born into my mothers family - they all have heart disease!

Oh I almost forgot! Now when you turn that little special dress over there's a newborn bodysuit for her baby sister. Kimberly inquired today about newborn clothes to match. She said that they just got their adopted daughters sister. :) So shhhh don't tell her that I sent a matching bodysuit. It's a surprise!



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