Monday, February 25, 2013

Silver Wings Designs

Today we have Carla from Silver Wings Design here to tell us a little more about herself. This shop is wonderful! Her items are hand crafted and look beautiful! Here's how to find Carla...

Where are you located?
Humble, Texas. 20 miles northeast of Houston.

A little about me...
My name is Carla and I love anything fun and girly. I did the "career thing" and landed a dream job (in my mind at that time), but as soon as I discovered I was pregnant with my 3rd child I realized that world was not for me. I have 3 kids, a loving husband, and a tiny dachshund. My kids are 9, 5, and 3. I sort of fell into making personalized stamped jewelry and never looked back! I think it's fun to create personalized items. I'm up for any custom order challenge and I take the extra time to be thorough and ask many questions so beware! 

How did you get started?
I got started in making stamped jewelry in October 2010. That is what my Etsy profile says. Is it awful I don't know the exact date? Oh well... I had a slow start because I practiced a lot. Looking back on my earlier work I love seeing how far I've come. My family and close friends got a lot of pieces in those early days. Yikes!

What inspires you?
I know it's very cliché and I tend to be a not-so-cliché type of gal, but my family inspires me to do this. Silver Wings Designs supports my family in so many ways. It supports my kids' extra-curricular activities, my little (ok, not so little) shopping habit, and my sanity! My husband especially loves the last one mentioned

I have tons of interests, but I'm really interested in dining, outings, travel (whether it's nearby or far away), fitness, running, reading, crafting...I could spend all day here, ha 

Thanks Carla for giving us a closer look at you and Silver Wings Designs! Have a great Monday guys. 


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